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Web Application Penetration Testing

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Web Applications are the most exposed and frequently attacked component of any organization's IT infrastructure. Web Application Penetration Testing is perhaps the mostly commonly performed security testing exercise across most organizations. At 3S Labs we perform in-depth web application penetration test following standard methodologies. We perform a combination of automated and manual testing practice that helps minimize false positive while maximizing coverage and effectiveness of the overall testing exercise.


    • Information Gathering
    • Technology Identification
    • Framework Identification
    • Use-case and important Business Logic Enumeration
    • Basic Testing
    • OWASP Top 10
    • Business Logic Testing
    • Misc Testing
    • Special Testing
    • Binary Components Testing (Flash, Silverlight, Java Applets etc.)
    • RCE Testing (Framework & other vulnerable components)
    • Framework Vulnerabilities Testing

Our Offering

We provide comprehensive high quality Web Application Penetration Testing services. Our approach is focused towards identifying actual risk associated with a given vulnerability in our target application's context. We provide multiple customized reports including Executive Summary, Thread and Risk Table, Detailed Vulnerability and Remediation Report etc. to match your need.

Sample Report for Web Application Penetration Testing

Who Needs Us?

We will be able to add value to your organization and contribute significantly to your Security Development Life Cycle if you are looking for:
  • Comprehensive Penetration Test with the objective of identifying actual exposed risks.
  • Penetration Testing beyond only compliance requirements.
  • Long term partners in evaluating and improving security posture of your organization.